The Tortoise Institute Individual Coaching Offerings

Coaching Philosophy

While it takes time to identify where one is feeling stuck, in the mind and in the body, the intention of coaching is to maximize our time together to work on the most critical issues. We do this by building trust quickly and finding the most important and meaningful topics to work with. We help individuals increase their self-awareness to improve communication, align with goals and values, increase empathy and ultimately become more successful leaders.
This is not a "one and done" process and coaching is done with a minimum of four sessions. The commitment to time, accountability and follow-up provides the greatest impact on the individual and the organization as a whole.

What To Expect

The Tortoise Institute offers one on one coaching that is efficient and has a lasting impact. By building trust quickly, we work together to develop insight, uncover motivation, explore competencies, and demand accountability. It is critical that the client go deep inside for lasting impact. We do this with exploring difficult questions, examining behaviors and beliefs, practicing deep breathing, and journaling,

Sessions are done over the Zoom video conference platform, phone or in-person if applicable and are typically an hour in duration. If time is limited, we can work within your constraints.

Meditation Training

There are countless studies that have shown that a regular meditation practice reduces stress and reactivity. Research also shows meditation increases focused attention, creativity, innovation and self-management. That is due to significant finding of brain changes based on what we think, do and pay attention to.

Anyone can learn to meditate. The process is simple but it takes practice. Like anything we want to get better at, we need to put the time into it. At The Tortoise Institute, we introduce you to the numerous ways to build attention so you can find the methods that work best for you.