Individual Coaching

Using focused attention and trust-building techniques, we work together to address motivation, insight, awareness, real-world practice and accountability. The end result is long-lasting positive impact. Sessions are done remotely using Zoom or telephone, or in-person as available.

The Tortoise Institute Individual Coaching Offerings

What To Expect

The Tortoise Institute offers one on one coaching that is efficient and has a lasting impact. This process focuses on the client’s insight and motivation to make them and their contribution to their organization more valuable. The process is designed to help individuals increase their self-awareness to become better communicators, more empathetic and ultimately more successful leaders.

Sessions include working together to determine what matters most, explore conscious choices and discover the most impactful actions to move forward.  We also provide you with tools and techniques to elevate focused attention and ways to manage stress.

Sessions are done over the Zoom video conference platform and are typically an hour in duration. We can also work together over the phone or in-person if applicable.

Coaching Philosophy

While it takes time to identify where one is feeling stuck, in the mind and in the body, the intention of coaching is to maximize our time together to work on the most critical issues. We do this by building trust and finding the most important and meaningful topics to work with.  We work with motivation and commitment to build lasting change. 

This is not a "one and done" process and coaching is done with a minimum of four sessions. The commitment to time and follow-up provides the greatest impact on the individual and the organization as a whole