The Tortoise Institute Meditation Training

Discover Meditation

There are countless studies that have shown that a regular meditation practice reduces stress and reactivity. Research also shows meditation increases focused attention, creativity, innovation and self-management. That is due to significant finding of brain changes based on what we think, do and pay attention to.

Anyone Can Learn To Meditate

People think they can’t meditate because they can’t stop their thoughts.  We cannot stop our thoughts.  Meditation is about recognizing thoughts as they come in and not get taken away by them.  The practice is noticing when we are taken away and then reorienting our attention back into the present moment, without judgment, by paying attention to something.  It could be breath. It could be folding the laundry. 

The process is simple and, like anything we want to get better at, we need to practice.  There are many different ways to practice.  It’s important to have a teacher especially in the beginning of your meditation journey to help provide context and guidance.  It is like taking a trip to an unknown place without a guide or a map.  Many of us wouldn’t do it.  At The Tortoise Institute we introduce you to the many ways to practice so that you can find the one that works best for you in any situation.