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Creating Emotionally Intelligent Workplaces

Teaching people self-awareness and compassionate leadership for measurable results.


Why Tortoise? Slow & Steady.

While there are many interpretations of Aesop’s fable of “The Tortoise and the Hare”, we closely align with the version that focuses on perseverance and ingenuity. The term “slow and steady” applies not only to the tortoise that beat the hare but also to the practice of creating a new mindset. It is a deliberate process. There are no shortcuts. However, with an attitude of kindness and curiosity, as well as confidence in the outcome, we can be like the tortoise and meet our goals no matter the challenge. The Tortoise Institute offers several services that are steeped in self-awareness and resiliency.

What Folks Are Saying

"Few people have the opportunity to work with such standout talent like Tracy Fink. A real class act. I had the pleasure of working with Tracy for two years at CohnReznick, collaborating on several projects. Tracy’s resiliency and perseverance is evident. Tracy’s passion for educating others on the power of mindfulness is; pure, helpful, magnanimous... Tracy is an advocate for women empowerment, she has inspired me through her dedication and personal endorsement of my work. As a result I was able to excel my personal brand at CohnReznick. In addition to being a mentor to me Tracy contributed her time to building our communication and awareness regarding mental health and built a sense of community at work. I highly recommend Tracy as an inspirational speaker, coach, and advocate. "

- Melissa (MJ) Joos, MPA  Human Capital Management, Management & Operations SME - Financial Services Specialist

"Tracy is an excellent mindfulness coach and educator. She ran a Mindfulness workshop with our community and everyone who attended was very engaged and positive about the experience. She was able to explain the concepts behind mindfulness in terms that were beneficial both to the novice and the experienced. We did three exercises in the 90 min workshop and everyone benefited from the hands-on component. Tracy allowed for interaction with the audience so she tailored what she said to their interests. I highly recommend Tracy for a mindfulness program."

- Janet Adler, Associate Professor/Assistant Dean Graduate Academic and Student Affairs at Rutgers Robert Wood Johnson Medical School

"Tracy is a gifted meditation teacher. Through her teachings of meditation, Tracy taught us how to bring mindfulness and compassion to the work place. We learned with her guided practice how meditation benefits our bodies and minds. Meditation is very important to mental health, wellbeing and a company’s bottom line and Tracy’s voice and gentle guidance made such a difference in my personal meditation practice that I am able to apply her teachings daily, making me much more productive at work and much better equipped to deal with stress. "

- Maria Minor, Bookkeeper at CohnReznick LLP

"Tracy has been coaching me for several years and the lessons that I continue to learn from her are invaluable. Tracy's vast professional experience is evident through her coaching on negotiation, mindfulness, career development and leadership (among other areas). Her outlook and approach on various working situations is very insightful and unique. I would highly recommend Tracy as a mentor and/or coach as she not only has the professional experience, but a deep compassion to motivate, support and lead others. "

- Danielle Rosenwein, Human Resource Advisor at Planon

Tracy has had a great impact on my career and I cannot thank her enough for the mentorship she has consistently provided. Tracy has a natural gift for speaking from the heart and commanding a room whether it be a women’s program initiative, mindfulness presentation or mediation. Tracy is an inspirational leader truly leading by example and has taught me many valuable lessons around having courage and letting go of fear.

- Lauren Gitlin, Digital Marketing Specialist and Wellness Advocate

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