Quote from Danna Faulds

Settle Down

I often integrate meditation practices as part of my business coaching. When someone is stuck on a setback or belief, it is the practice of looking within in stillness that often helps people recalibrate and move forward. Meditation has been proven with evidence as well as anecdotes to help people think differently. According to research…
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Negotiation Strategies

Collaboration and Negotiation

New year, new offerings! I am excited to co-present Evidence-Based Negotiation Strategies with Sharon Danzger of Control Chaos on February 4, 2020, in NYC. This highly interactive and fun workshop focuses on building negotiation skills that create value and mutually beneficial outcomes. It’s great to be working with Sharon as this year’s strategic plan for my company, The Tortoise Institute includes…
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Playing Big

At the Leading Women Entrepreneur Leadership Lounge networking event last week, Allison Wright told the story of E-School For Girls, the pre-college entrepreneurship program she founded to give all girls the opportunity to change their trajectory. As she spoke about this passion project, her eyes lit up, her voice got deeper and she embodied the success of these…
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Transition or Transformation?

Big news! I started a company called The Tortoise Institute. More about that later. You may not know that after 14 years, CohnReznick and I parted ways last year. Truth be told, I had an amazing run. My time working with the Firm’s marketing and HR departments allowed me to find purpose and meaning in…
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My Year of Being Courageous

Early in 2017 I was invited to pick a word or words that would inspire me for the coming year. It was not difficult to come up with my word: COURAGE Fear has accompanied me on my life’s road trip and often I let it drive. It whispered in my ear that I would drown…
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Leading from the Heart

I recently saw the film “Wonder Woman” and was completely transfixed. Diana Price (aka Wonder Woman) embodied many of the leadership traits that I aspire to – being brave, gentle, direct, truthful, and compassionate. She ran towards conflict (literally) and was tenacious in her convictions. She spoke out for those who did not have a voice and…
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